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About Koseli Wholesale

Yvonne Bullen
Hello, I’m Yvonne Bullen, the founder of Koseli Wholesale Ltd, a dedicated Fair Trade company with a passion for uplifting communities in developing countries…


In 1995 my family and I moved to South Africa, where I spent a very rewarding and fulfilling 13 years. It was here in this incredible country that I discovered a purpose for my life  – a reason for being.

With this seed firmly planted, I was committed to creating a platform which would directly uplift and empower those  struggling to survive  in developing countries.

This idea was not about offering charity handout, it was to create truly powerful fair trade networks designed to leverage the talents and skills of the local people. In this way they could create micro businesses which would provide them with a long term sustainable income for generations to come!  

Following my work with impoverished women in South Africa, I came back to the UK looking for an opportunity to continue my work.

It appeared in the form of Natural Nomads….

I purchased the Hand Made, Felt Accessories range from David Ray of Natural Nomads Ltd in September 2012.


This is my mission

To enhance the ‘Total Wellbeing’ of our artisan partners in Nepal by taking action and committing to:

  • Forging strong relationships with both our Artisans in Nepal and Customers across the world. This is based on offering a more than fair price for the items purchased and selling at a competitive affordable price here in the UK and overseas.
  • Raising Awareness about the need to support FAIRTRADE initiatives across the globe.
  • Creating vibrant, niche up to the minute Handmade, Quality driven, Felt Designs.
  • Visiting Nepal regularly to develop the working environment and assist in creating viable strategies to ensure income levels grow!

Koseli Wholesale is about supporting those artisans and their families who find each day a struggle and are facing difficulties beyond lour comprehension.

Please support me in my mission by purchasing the FELT Range and providing feedback so that I can continue the work and create more marketable and eye catching designs for the future!

Together we can make a difference….

Warm Wishes

Yvonne Bullen


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