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What is Fair Trade?

In my experience the words ‘Fair Trade’ have become the term many suppliers use to highlight that they buy from a developing country and pay them what they ask for…. To me this is NOT real ‘fair trade’…Fair Trade is about improving the lives of the people striving to carve a living in a developing […]

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Felt Slipper Artisan in Nepal

My journey to Nepal is once again a whirlwind yet humbling and enlightening experience…. Riding on the back of my trusted Nepalese business partners motor cycle, I find the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu an overwhelming experience…the constant noise of horns hooting people and cars out of the way, the loud whistles from the traffic […]

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Developing a brand presence….

Since my formation in September 2012.. there have been many developments in the business and each day brings new challenges and also increased motivation to make a real difference! Yes, of course, I am having many teething problems with some product quality and it is a real challenge to make sure the product I sample and order […]

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Kathmandu Nepal

Hello fellow readers, customers and friends, here I am, finally in Kathmandu Nepal – taking in the wonders of this magnificent place….well I would be if I wasn’t sitting in my rather rough and ready hotel room here in Thamel Kathmandu….It’s certainly character building stuff… Those of you, who I have spoken with will already […]

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