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Koseli’s Fair Trade Ethics

Koseli Wholesale Ltd strives to uplift artisans and producers around the globe through the adoption of fair trade practises.The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers As a BAFTS member since Koseli’s inception we pledge to develop fair and ethically sound partnerships with local artisans in developing countries. Our aim is to enhance the lifestyle and create immediate economic opportunities that will last into the future. We work very closely with our producers to ensure:

  • A fair living wage is earned
  • Equal employment opportunities are adhered to
  • Healthy and safe working conditions are fostered
  • Technical and design assistance is given
  • Strategies are developed to foster prosperity and reduce poverty

Founded by Yvonne Bullen in 2012, Koseli Wholesale operates under the brand: felt-so Yvonne works directly with producer groups to design and create a wide range of unique products which are then marketed to consumers across the globe. Many of these artisans have the talent and capability to create magnificent products, but they lack the skills to market and sell them worldwide. By partnering with organisations such as Koseli, these disadvantaged handicraft groups are able to sell their products word-wide. In addition to the design and marketing input, Koseli also operate a ‘return to sender’ scheme. This scheme operates in conjunction with each producer group. We agree on a fixed amount per item which is then ‘returned to the producer group’once delivery has been successfully completed. This additional income enhances the lifestyle, education, health and well-being of the artisans. The amount agreed per item varies for each producer group. How this money is utilised within each group is determined by adopting a consultation process both with the producer group’s leader and the artisans themselves.

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