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From my Bag producer:


Namaste thanks for your message thinking of nepal and Nepalese people ,
We need to make good system  which can function all the part. First see and find problem at your locality and try to help with system if it’s work apply to other areas as well,
As we have seen now homeless people and who has partially damaged home they live in normal tent still in our locality , here we have 150 people staying in ground , I saw inside while they are cooking there is o many difficulties. Water, gas stove for cocking , vegetables to clean , all the pots to cocking and I asked How much cost for. Expenses each family , I found so much man power n energy take time for finding all the necessary things , and I can see so much dirty, flys everywhere, so the day before yesterday I plan it why don’t we cook one place until goverment could come and give relief, still situation Is not improved from goverment side , they could not manage anything , I can see in television some news with hope, they come and rescue it.
But sure it will takes time to come every part some engineers are their to look about houses and started counting how many people lost , so I have told to my friends locality society friends every one became ready with my ideas and we found volunteers and cooking 3 person
We have started to serve 2 meals a days, it’s clean hygiene and and best part I can see their smile while they having meal. Now so many people wants to be volunteer there, I can see some one who never participate any of the meeting during we have some problem with locality he was serving rice n daal . I feel happy today morning if single person aware that can be motivate to every one because every person is living with human heart.
This campaign started areas from today,
1Sindhupalchok district kadambass
Ktm jaisidewal 21 ward
Sindhupalchok district thulosirubari
“am positive we can change”
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