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Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Dear customers and interested parties. …

The disaster in Nepal is tragic….this country has already been through so much  and day to life is a constant struggle. To have such a devastating event occur like this is truly a sad and worrying tradgedy.

I have heard that my producer’s are safe. My dear agent Durga has communicated to me and tells me that things very bad in Kathmandu. Many old buildings have been destroyed,  some ancient and beautiful, many are the homes of the Nepalese people. They are afraid to go back into their homes because many of  the buildings  are weak and collapsing around them.

My heart goes out to these amazing people and I am so sorry they have to endure even more hardship.

Please join me in sending love and light to Nepal  and pray for the time when life can resume to some normality.

Many thanks for reading.

Much love


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