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Nepal: Sindhupalchok District


I have been receiving details about the worst affected district in Nepal: Sindhupalchok 

Here are some photographs of my producer Biju and friends who have been delivering rice to these now homeless people. Their  entire village has been destroyed along with many members of their families and indeed their livelihood.

My business partner Durga has been raising money to send tents and food to these people and as you can see there are many others who have taken it upon themselves to offer aid and help.

The government is doing very little. It the rest of the world and the people of Nepal who have come to the rescue!

I am very proud to know these people and would very much like to help as much as I ma able. I have personally donated through the DEC ,  SOS for the children and an animal rescue appeal, but I would like to help my colleagues directly in Nepal so that I can see where the money is going.

With this in mind I am looking to have a bag made in Nepal which will be created to help the appeal. Please keep checking for details!.

Many Thanks for your lovely kind words of concern and support.

With Love and Light Food for the Nepalese image (4) image


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