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About our Products and Artisans

Koseli is committed to providing fair trade and ethically sourced gifts and accessories to consumers which reflect the trends, aspirations and creativity we discover around the globe.

What makes us unique is our dedication to offering you as the consumer a transparent, two way communicative plat-form which demonstrates our authenticity and integrity when partnering with our chosen artisan & producer groups….

Being fair trade means going the extra mile!

It is more than trading, it is about caring and ensuring that through our partnerships you as a consumer can be part of the change and see a real and tangible difference in the lives of the artisans and producer groups we work with.

We are currently working with artisan groups in Nepal, South Africa and soon Kenya will be part of our family of producers.


Meet our Producer Groups:


Sharada’s Creative Hats…….


Sharada’s loyal ladies craft our beautiful handmade felt hats. They are created using a tin mould, soap, hot water and a seriously strong skilful ladies hand!

Our producer, Sharada has set up a mini production team in her own home .

She creates a wonderful cheerful working environment by ensuring:

  • Her ladies are paid a fair wage all year round
  •  Given time off during the winter months when the cold in Nepal can really bite…
  • Plus they each receive an annual bonus at Christmas time..

Make your purchase confidently, knowing that for each hat crafted the ladies who work for Sharada receive an additional income  through our carefully managed ‘return to sender’ system which enhances the total well-being of those involved in making these wonderful creations!

 Madan and his brother’s Slipper creations….


  Madan, employs a number of disabled ladies who live and work with him in own home. Together we create these amazing designs…

My journey with this producer has very much been hands on…In 2013  I sat with them showing them how to create these cute faces using needle felt technique…We have a way to go, but these slippers are making a big splash!

 Shushil’s ladies layering chiffon and merino wool scarves



Many of the ladies working for Shushil have worked in this environment for more than 8 years.

Ultra soft, these chiffon and merino wool felted scarves are the perfect gift!

The designs are cut out of merino felt and then arranged onto the long length of chiffon before another layer of chiffon is added until they have 5 or 6 layers of scarves. They are rolled together and felted using traditional methods and the bundle is turned over to start the process again on the reverse of each layer.. Clever and efficient!






Kalyan’s team of ladies are extremely skilled at making high quality felt animals, children’s products and also my luxury felt bag range.


They employ full time about 12 ladies who are paid a regular wage and guaranteed a fair price for their work. They also have more than 26 ladies who are paid piece work. This rate is managed in line with the rising living costs in Nepal and every effort is made to secure work for them all year round.



















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