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Wholesale Fair Trade Handmade Felt Gifts from Nepal

Browse through our range of UK designed, hand made fair trade items from Nepal:

  • Fashion accessories: handbags, purses, hats, scarves and corsages.
  • Children's items: small bags, animals, purses and slippers.

Discover a world of high quality, handmade felt accessories which are luxurious, creative, colourful and elegant by design. Our business is designed to uplift and empower communities in developing countries.

Here at Koseli Wholesale we are passionate about developing FAIR TRADE initiatives in the UK, which focus on improving the Total Well Being of our artisan partners , not just giving a fair price for each product we purchase!

We do this by creating a trading platform for groups of motivated people who, by collaborating together, produce ethically sourced and manufactured luxury gift ware from their country of origin.

Our mission is to create long-term sustainable FAIR TRADE businesses in order to help raise awareness, living standards and peoples' hopes for a better future.

Through our symbiotic relationships children in impoverished countries can look forward to a brighter future!

Help us to realize our dream of creating a tangible difference to others by purchasing wholesale goods from our website.

New initiatives now in place:
  • Koseli Home: Providing working mums the opportunity to earn extra money by being a Koseli Ambassador
  • Profit Sharing: Known as 'return to sender' Koseli pledge a fixed amount per item purchased from each artisan group to be paid into a fund. This money is used to create more opportunities for the up-liftment of communities by contributing to local charity organisations and/or assisting the artisan groups in developing business opportunities, improving working conditions and enhancing artisan well-being.

Together we make a real difference!

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