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Felting by Koseli

Felting by KoseliNepalse artisan making felt

Our design-led handmade felt products are created by talented artisans using traditional wet and dry felting techniques.

After cleaning and dying the wool, it is carefully shaped and moulded by hand using hot soapy water before being left to dry in the Nepalese sun.

Needle felting and hand sewing add the finishing touches creating a unique, aesthetically pleasing, tactile, hand crafted product.


Caring for your felt product …

Our felt is 100% natural sheep wool and as such requires careful cleaning techniques in order to preserve its shape and texture.

How to Treat Wet Felt ?

If your felt product gets wet or has been cleaned, keep it in its original shape and leave to dry naturally on a flat surface (preferably on a clean towel).

How to Clean Felt ?

  • Brush off any excess dirt using a small toothbrush.
  • Using a small amount of detergent on the brush and a little luke warm water gently rub the soiled area to remove the dirt or stain.
  • If necessary squirt water through the cleaned area to remove lingering soap, before leaving to dry flat..

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